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Meet the dynamic duo that are ready to make your home renovation dreams come true!​

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Neil and Jessica's passion for making homes look their very best was born while producing a popular home and garden television show together. When the show wrapped their desire to continue the before and after magic for homeowners did not. 

Whatever your project, large or small, these two are ready to exceed your expectations and make you fall in love with your home all over again!

Our Process

We believe in full transparency throughout the entirety your project. That is why we have taken the time to share a little bit about our process with you. But don't worry! This is just the outline... You can expect to hear from us quite often during your project as we keep you updated on who will be at your house and what they will be working on while they are there. 

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

Depending on the project, we will get our engineers and carpenters involved to make sure the design is flawless before we begin any work.

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Design & Construction Estimate

Once we know exactly what your goals are we sit down as a team and come up with a design that will blow you away!

On-Site Consultations

We always offer free on-site consultations in order to get you the most accurate quote.

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The Finishing


We know the final product is important! That's why we take the time to walk the space and ensure the tiniest of details has been taken care of before we call the project complete. 

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